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Haircut - $75 custom haircut including a relaxing shampoo with scalp massage, warm bond building treatment and styling to best accentuate your haircut - 45 min 

Toner trim treatment- $150 this service is a perfect refresher for your color in between appointments. Includes a glaze to neutralize and refine any unwanted tones that may have appeared after 4-6 weeks, a trim to reshape your current haircut and a warm bond building treatment.  - 1.5 hours


Color root touch up $175+ - Say goodbye to unwanted grays! This service will provide a customized color to match your natural hair or previously colored hair! Includes mids-ends gloss refresh and blowout! - 1.5 hours

Highlights/ Lowlights- money piece- $150+, crown - $250+, Full- $350+
This process includes brightening your blonde and/or adding depth and dimension for a seamless finish! *includes tonal gloss, bond builder and a blowout* - 2-4 hours

Specialty Blonding $110 per hour - Do you want a lived in look with minimal maintenance or do you want heavy blonding?! Then this is the perfect service for you! This service entails any balayage, foilayage or baby light technique! Also includes a root smudge and tonal gloss to reach your desired hair color goals! *bond builder and blowout included!* - 4-5+ hours 

Transformation $120 per hour - Whether you’re looking for a dramatic change, hate your current hair color or had a little too much fun playing with at home off the shelf hair color do not fear ! I can help! This service includes removing previous color, erasing old foil patterns or a first global blonding session!  Although there is a possibility you will need several sessions to achieve your desired look, our first meeting is the most labor intensive and I use the highest quality products to ensure the integrity of your hair. I take pride in my ability to achieve your dream hair in the healthiest way possible! *bond builder included!* - 5-6+ hours 

Global color $250+ - Roots to ends color! This service is perfect if you are looking to go all over one hair color with incredible shine! *blowout included!* - 2.5 hours

Global blonding maintenance $350+ Once we turn your blonde dreams into a reality this will be the category you fall under! This service includes blonding retouch, tonal gloss and bond builder !- 3.5+ hours

Keratin complex $350 - This smoothing treatment is ideal for you if you are looking to smooth your hair, reduce frizz and decrease blow drying time without losing your hair's natural wave pattern! This KC treatment lasts up to 5 months ! *includes take home shampoo and conditioner* - 3 hours 


During the consultation we will discuss your hair concerns, needs, desired look, your everyday routine and maintenance.

Once we agree on the method or methods fit best for your hair and lifestyle a signed agreement and a non-refundable deposit of the cost of the hair will be required to reserve your appointment. Consultations are non-negotiable for this service. 


I can't wait to make all your hair dreams come true. If you have any questions or are unsure about what you need - contact me!